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Welcome to The Crohn's Disease Support Network - CDSN

CDSN is a FREE NON PROFIT Support Network - created on September 24th, 2009 and is ran by members with Crohn's Disease.

This network's goal is to help people living with Crohn's Disease, along with the families and friends of Crohn's patients. Family members and friends need support also because it is never easy to see someone you care about suffer.


When you join CDSN you are joining a group of people who give and receive support to/from each and every member who comes here. Even though we may be at different stages, we are all still living with this incurable disease together. Make a difference by sharing your experiences and offering your support whenever you can. We have a zero tolerance for harassment on CDSN - obviously because to turn a blind eye when a member feels uncomfortable to post due to another persons behaviour would defeat the purpose of this being a support network. Misunderstandings happen, but aggressive behaviour is a choice. So, please keep this in mind when you post.

There is a large majority of people who know someone with Crohn's or have heard of it, although they have no idea what it is or how serious it can be. Hopefully through the CDSN these people can connect with each other to offer support, awareness, and education.

This site is geared towards Crohn's Disease and especially those with other Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). We only occasionally accept members without IBD based on our interaction with you (e.g. raising IBD awareness). We like to provide a safe environment for our members to open up comfortably, which is why this is a closed group.


One great feature is the Live Chat. When you sign onto CDSN you automatically log into the live chat as well. 


You MUST be 13yrs/older to join CDSN - and 16yrs/older to use the chat.


Together as a community we can make a difference - one voice at a time!



Contact Us:

Jason Leitman

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CDSN will always be a FREE to members, NON PROFIT Support Network, but if you would like to donate towards keeping CDSN running:

Please read our donation page for more information!

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CDSN Updates and News


Hello everyone - I wanted to apologize for my absence. I have been very sick, and dealing with serious issues. I have distended myself because of these issues, and being overwhelmed by questions etc. I truly hope that everyone understands, and are doing well. I will do my best to not be so absent ... it is just the way it is right now. My sincere apologies also for worrying people. All my best - you all mean so much to me. -Jason
Interested in volunteering for CDSN? Please send a message to Jason ( regarding wanting to help! Thanks everyone - Jason. 
A message from The UCLA Center for IBD located in Los Angeles, CA: "We've recently launched what we think is a very innovative patient care program, the first of its kind in the US. It is a research based program and we're hoping to spread awareness of the program to patients who might find it helpful for the management of their disease to participate. While our program will start more locally with Southern California, eventually it can be used by patients anywhere as it is all accessible online". Please watch video.
CDSN has a new flash based chat which can be used from most mobile devices! Check out the Live Chat Instructions above the chat on the main page, or visit the Live Chat Instructions page. The live chat window on the CDSN main page with picture links from the Live Chat Instructions page! 


As many of you know, Jason is having time out for his health at the moment. We all want him to get better! It's difficult for us to pass on all your messages, so we have set up a facebook page. Whatever you would ask us to say to him for you, you can now write it here yourself instead: Messages for Jason.


 CDSN Featured Member: Karen Langston! Read about this wonderful member under the right column!


The website Healthline has chosen their top 10 Crohn's blogs of 2012 and The chronicles of Jason’s life with Crohn’s Disease has been chosen as their #1 blog -  (the blog) "will make every reader feel at home. This fun and touching blog keeps track of Jason’s heartwarming take on his fellow “Crohnies” and the ups and downs of life with a chronic illness." Truly a humbling honor! 

Warm Giving generously added another stunning necklace to their items to benefit CDSN! A Faceted Iolite Necklace presented by Rachel Miriam (who makes the awesome CDSN Signature Bracelet) - is on sale now. The item can also be found on the site Velvet Red TV ...which is pretty awesome! This is huge exposure for Crohn's Disease/IBD's! 


You can now share content on Facebook directly from CDSN! Just click on the FACEBOOK button when available - and content will be shared on Facebook! You can share to either your personal page or the CDSN Organization Page


There are lots of terms and medications in the IBD world - there is now a page with Common IBD Terms for reference. 


There are also lots of IBD related issues that many of us have experienced so there is now a CDSN page listing issues our members have mentioned, but we'd love your feedback so we can update more wherever possible!


Rachel Miriam Jewelry presents the The CDSN Signature Bracelet! There are two versions of the bracelets to choose from. One bracelet is made of suede/leather - while the other is a wax linen. Each bracelet has sterling silver findings with extensions (7 - 8.5" long) with an included sterling silver inspirational charm of your choosing (there are five charms to choose from, and you can add extra charms for an additional fee). The CDSN bracelets are a representation of the bond and understanding that those living with IBD’s share. This bond is represented in the bracelet’s intertwined braid – similar to the intertwined lives shared by patients. 


You can now "LIKE" CDSN on Facebook with the brand new CDSN Organization Page! Take a minute and "Like" it if you would be so kind! 


CDSN is extremely honored to announce TWO GORGEOUS NECKLACES - Baby Blue Chalcedony and Emerald Necklace ~ available now through Warm Giving and designed by Rachel Miriam Jewelry. On 11/13/11 Warm Giving added these STUNNING earrings - check them out! Thanks to the amazing Stacey Kohl and Rachel Miriam their organizations are helping individuals and organizations in need; they are truly remarkable women. 


Please - member feedback is extremely appreciated! Submit your ideas/comments to Jason Leitman on CDSN or Thank You!


Added a page CDSN Experiences. If you feel CDSN has helped in any way - or you want to comment about CDSN...please share your experiences!


Check out the IBD Country Directory with phone numbers, email, addresses, etc for many Crohn's/ IBD foundations across the world.


Curious on how to Tweet with Twitter on CDSN? Check out the CDSN and Twitter discussion. Are you on Twitter? Share your Twitter name here!

Do not forget to check out the unique Groups - especially the Rate your medications polls in the Crohn's and Medications Group. Need a good laugh? The Healing Through Humor Group should do the job!



Patient Discussions are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your physician or other qualified health provider because of something you have read on CDSN. The opinions expressed in the comments section are of the author and the author alone. NEVER try any medication or supplement without consulting your doctor first. If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.


Crohn's and Symptoms

This category is for anything symptom related.

73 discussions

Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms

This category is for anything symptom related

5 discussions

Crohn's and the Body

This is for Crohn's issues within the GI tract, and outside (eye, skin, joint issues).

10 discussions

Crohn's/IBD and Food/Diet

This is for food/diet based discussions.

18 discussions

Crohn's/UC/IBD in the Work Place

This topic is for discussions relating to working (or not being able to) with an IBD.

2 discussions

Crohn's/IBD in The News

This is for articles/news pertaining to Crohn's Disease. These articles are emailed from Google news alerts - for anything pertaining to Crohn's Disease.

99 discussions

Medication Side Effects/Mystery Symptoms

This is for Medication side effects, as well as any mystery symptom/side effects you feel you are experiencing.

20 discussions

Crohn's/IBD Medications and Studies

This is for discussing medications and/or studies you might be participating in.

26 discussions

Tests, Scans, and Procedures

This category is for people who would like to discuss any tests, scans, procedures, etc they would like to discuss/share.

10 discussions

Crohn's/IBD and Alternative Therapies/Supplements

This category is for therapies/treatments that are not prescription.

11 discussions


*Go To The Live Chat Instructions Page*

*When you sign onto CDSN you automatically log into the CDSN Live Chat  as well.

*You can disconnect from the chat by clicking on the green circle at the bottom left of the main window, and bottom right of the chat bar.

*Clicking on a member name gives you two options: View Profile and Start Chat. View Profile takes you to the members personal page. Start Chat opens a tab that only you and the other member can see. 

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*You can pop out the chat bar by clicking on the two grey rectangles as well.   

*If you need to chat with an admin and we are not available, please leave a comment on one of our pages - or send a private message. We will get back to you ASAP - Thank You: Jason

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    Read more on the CDSN WANTED: Crohn's End - Page.


    The User’s Guide to Being a Crohnie

    Learn more on the CDSN Foul Bowel Page.


    Warm Giving - Feel The Warmth, Change The World! Read more on the CDSN Warm Giving Page.


    Rachel Miriam Jewelry is one of a kind gorgeous pieces. Read more on the CDSN Rachel Miriam Jewelry Page.

    Everyday Health Crohn's Page is a wonderful educational resource. Read more and a review on the CDSN Everyday Health Page!


    Read about one of the best Crohn's recipes site on the CDSN ADAPT Cookbook Page.


    Karen Langston is a Nutrigenomic Nutritionist living with Crohn's Disease.   learn more on the CDSN Page

    Karen is a Nutrigenomic Nutritionist


    What is Crohn's Disease?

    What is Crohn's Disease?

    Classified as an Auto-Immune Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).
    Crohn's Disease (also known as granulomatous colitis and regional enteritis) is an inflammatory disease of the intestines that may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract from anus to mouth, causing a wide variety of symptoms. It primarily causes abdominal pain, diarrhea (which may be bloody), vomiting, or loss of weight, but may also cause complications outside of the gastrointestinal tract such as skin rashes, arthritis and inflammation of the eye.

    Crohn's is genetic, and caused by an unnatural build up of the protein in the body called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF).
    TNF tricks the immune system into attacking the GI tract, as well as other complications.

    Crohn's can range drastically from patient to patient. Some people with Crohn's maybe have to see their doctor once a year or two - whereas some have to see their doctors nearly every week / month.

    The fact that Crohn's is an autoimmune disease can make it incredibly challenging, at times causing a poor quality of life, complicated treatments, and complications.

    Crohn's Damage of the Small Intestines

    Currently there is no cure. Awareness is essential in hopes for more funding to find a cure. Please help spread awareness for Crohn's Disease, other IBD's, and CDSN.

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    Featured Member!

    CDSN likes to recognize our members. Here you will find the current featured
 Member - this is our way of saying thank you.

    Current Featured Member:
 Karen Langston.

    What a great slice of wisdom from Karen: "While everyone in higher power is directed at finding a cure, I’m advocating conquering your symptoms and taking your life back. It seems that conquering is quicker than a cure!"

    Karen is an author, mentor, coach and keynote speaker. In her role as an internationally recognized Nutritionist, she consults with clients across Canada and the US. She received her education at the world-renowned Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Canada. And her credentials also include Early Childhood Certification, Applied Holistic Nutrition degree, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Live Cell Microscopist, Capillary Puncture Technician, Therapeutic Lifestyle Educator, Soma Therapies and Functional Medicine Consultant. Karen is a member and on the board of The National Association of Nutritional Professionals.

    But at the end of the day Karen also has Crohn's disease. 

    She has been an amazing help amongst members of the IBD community by sharing her experiences, and providing many of us with her invaluable advice on nutrition.

    Karen has her own page here on CDSN where she has shared her story. She also has her own website karenlangston.comTwitterFacebook, Youtube and Pinterest.  

    So, if you have some time you really should check out her contributions to the IBD world! 

    Karen is a great example of someone living with Crohn’s Disease for many years and has learnt ways to control what triggers her disease and this makes her a truly inspiring
 individual and someone we can all learn something from!


    So, Karen - for sharing your life, wisdom and experiences with us, we want to say........
The CDSN Staff



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