7 Modern Stairs With 7 Space-Saving Ideas

7 Modern Stairs With 7 Space-Saving Ideas

Nowadays the real battle is played on the field of squares meters the houses have to be functional, modern and above all able to optimize all of those corners of our homes usually unused. The space under the stairs is an interesting topic to look to exploit to the last centimeter of useful surface.

We present here 7 fantastic practical and ingenious solutions from which to take inspiration

Integra service areas

If you never know where to hide the change of season or last vacuum cleaner, the space under the stairs allow you to simulate the appearance of solid walls jual rumput sintetis, allowing however depositavi in ??all our large objects and visually bulky.

She draws a small study area

If your scale has only one flight, you can take a cue from this interesting project and derive, in the space below, several wardrobes – in the lower part – and a small room in which to place a working space with a desk, dresser, shelves and office chair.

Make the stairs a living space

In this interesting project the stairs are not intended as a mere functional element that connects different levels, but as a real space to live the steps dilate becoming long linear elements or large landings; They are shelves space, libraries and small shelves; even a small bench with comfortable cushions from which to enjoy the screening of the film is nonetheless set in this articulate furniture system.

Maximize the space

In this tiny apartment closets under the stairs they were not designed, but the scale has been drawing a purpose-built cabinets that constitute it. So that open doors, drawers and small rooms are the steps of an ingenious scale, where 100% of the volume only operates has been tapped.

Invents personalized solutions

The scales are designed as increasingly complex and multi-functional objects the steps can be hybrid elements, able to transform into work plans and small desks, or shelves and bookcases. In this case, the subscale also contains a sliding retractable element that serves as a practical storage room.

Furnishes tailored

The area under the stairs can also be an excellent opportunity to have fun and play with the geometry, creating a wall of strong graphic connotations, in which shadow lines, cuts, boxes and depth variations recall the original design, personalized, of a custom closet.

It integrates lighting systems

The space under the ramp of a staircase can also be integrated with lighting and, as in this interesting project, become a backlit display in which to place many small works of art or design.
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