7 Solutions To Protect You From The Great Heat In The House

7 Solutions To Protect You From The Great Heat In The House

Summer is now upon us and if, as announced forecasts, the hot weather will be with us for many days, let us not be caught unprepared!

To avoid leaving the air conditioners turned on full days and save energy (and money!) We can follow few simple precautions that will enable us to have a cooler house during the whole day.

1. shading windows

The windows are the most important elements to invest in a house for protection against both heat and cold. It is important to select profiles with thermal break, which eliminate thermal bridges, and windows with double or triple room, which guarantee high insulation performance. Many companies also offer interesting solutions with adjustable slats, integrated with windows that allow you to control and customize at any time of the day the amount of light coming from the outside.

2. home Verde

The presence of green in the house or on balconies and terraces is a valuable aid to refurbish homes in the summer season. Watering pots and plants early in the morning, it will be a panacea to secure coolness and relief all day long.

3. Tents loggias

During the hottest hours it is important to protect the house from the heat, preventing the direct sunlight of applying heat to the outer walls. So, if you stay out onto a loggia or porch, simply mount the natural fabric curtains, preferably in light colors, which ensures the presence of shade even with direct sunlight.

4. Covers the courtyards

The same advice holds for the courts If your rooms look out onto paved outdoor areas, it is good to secure a shade band at least in part in the home proximity. In this way, protecting the surfaces from direct sunlight, it will prevent the heat accumulated during the day you pour in the home in the evening hours.

5. Brise-soleil on the terraces

Another very valuable precaution to protect themselves from the heat in the house, is to mount the covers for brise-soleil on the terraces. This solution lets the light, while protecting from direct heat of the sun’s rays. Your terraces will be well used throughout the day, and the projection of the cover will help to repair the hot walls and exterior windows.

6. Screening on balconies

Brise-soleil and digging can also be positioned outside of the balcony railings conceived as mobile and adjustable elements, realized in metal, wood or polymer materials, can renew the entire facade of a building, contributing significantly to energy efficiency.

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