9 Examples Of Terraces That You Will Hardly Forget!

9 Examples Of Terraces That You Will Hardly Forget!

An outdoor terrace is an added value to a garden because it is a practical and integrated space that can benefit both the house and the courtyard. Landscape architects are able to transform the design of your home through beautiful designs that can turn your garden into a clear way. To better understand our words, we invite you to read this book of ideas to find out 9 remarkable ideas that you should not miss in your home.

An eclectic mix of furniture.

If you like being a bit less predictable, make sure you do not underestimate the decoration on the terrace. Instead of coordinating furniture, try to arrange different and unusual items in the same space. Hybrid style is a great must in the garden!

The flooring

Never underestimate the importance of a truly beautiful and engaging floor on a terrace. A beautiful terrace should provide a pleasant and comfortable feeling even under the feet, ensuring the stability of furniture and the ease of maintenance of the ground.

An outdoor living room

If you are interested in increasing the comfort factor of your garden, we believe that outdoor seating is an ideal choice for your backyard.

A dining corner

Feel free to add a small dining table on your small terrace to eat a meal or a drink with your family and friends.

Create an environment on the terrace

Why not use your patio as a way to clear the border between internal and external spaces Creating an open-air living room is an incredible way to live in one of the home’s environments during the warm months, but outside it whether it’s the living room, the kitchen or the dining room, the choice is all yours!

Wooden furniture

Nothing seems more suitable on a terrace like wooden furniture. If you have a lot of space, consider a full set of dining areas to enjoy the garden at any time.

Concrete furniture

The design of a modern terrace is based on a simple and refined style. For example, you can consider concrete furniture, very durable and practical in the garden.

The dining table near the kitchen

If you are the kind of people who like to use your terrace for dinners and lunches, consider trying to place table and chairs near the kitchen so that it can be more functional.

The view

The location of your patio should take into account solar exposure as well as panorama, to take full advantage of the view on the surrounding landscape.

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