Advertising VS Content Marketing

Advertising VS Content Marketing – One of the often debated topics among advertising fans and fans of inbound marketing is the effectiveness of each of these strategies. As you probably know, ads allow you to place your products or services in front of thousands of people for a low cost without the need for extra work. However, inbound marketing advocates that creating content relevant to your audience not only helps you become an authority in your niche market, as this helps you to drastically convert more into your advertising efforts.

Advertising VS Content Marketing

If you have not understood the difference, take into account, for example, my professional course. When I started my first content blog there in 2008, I was anything but known in that market. In reality, no one was talking about content marketing or inbound marketing at the time. These terms were still a mirage at the time. However, it was through the production of content in a text (articles and tutorials) and video (classes, webinars, lectures, etc.) that I positioned myself as a specialist in digital marketing, without actually having in any way publicized this characteristic professional. The market itself, over the years and through the content I produced, was determined that I was an expert in Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, the two themes I have mostly addressed over the last 10 years.

“Content Marketing” is the best example of Good Karma that can exist. Good content, which helps your audience, will attract an incredible return without you having to advertise something.

If you want other examples, just check out the blogs from Expedia, McDonald’s, RedBull, GoPro, among other companies that use content marketing as an extremely important strategy in generating contacts and interest in brands. It’s the same as you imagine an appealing business strategy, without selling any product. Sell without selling.


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