Ici Let’s Talk About Tax The Property Of The Church, Bagnasco Opens

Ici Let’s Talk About Tax The Property Of The Church, Bagnasco Opens

But there are many who say the Church must do its part. These voices have been added those of Ignazio Marino, Pd ( I am convinced that they are hours of intense reflection and I think that the Church will propose to pay a tax on commercial activities), Felice Belisario, IDV ( you move from words to facts ), the Socialist Bobo Craxi asking the Papal States to do a voluntary gesture for contributing to debt reduction ; PDL spokesman Daniele Capezzone, speaking in a personal capacity, given that Berlusconi has left freedom of conscience on this point.

In PDL there are those who like Maurizio Lupi or Renato Farina is contrary to tax the property of the Church and those who have a different opinion jasa konsultan pajak jakarta, as the four Members who have tabled two amendments to the maneuver to pay tax also to parishes, oratories and places of worship.

But whether to intervene in the operation of this matter is not at all small thing. Sources close to the CEI and the government, confirmed that a file is open. The same Minister of Development, Corrado Passera, is conducting some surveys with industry experts to understand what the real margin of intervention.

And there is certainly a margin although hardly represents an immediate way to make money and to cover part of the deficit. And here they come into camp numbers, which are too many and uncertain. The figures of the loss of income of potential revenues ranging from 500 million to 700 million estimated by ANC to 2.2 billion estimated dall’Ares, the Association search and social development. It still speaks of a vast number of properties on which a serious survey would be needed, in particular those used for commercial use.

Then there is the text of a law that many lends itself to ambiguity. And there’s the big squad of structures that perform social activities – from soup kitchens to host services – often compensating for the state, which is then relieved of a cost. The Church is not the only one to enjoy exemptions. The list is long, reminds Avvenire, citing the cultural clubs, trade unions, voluntary organizations of lay people. Some estimates indicate that among all properties exempt Ici, the Church is headed by 4%. Not everything, among other things, e’sotto Cei hat just think of the goods of religious congregations, which enjoy legal autonomy.

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