Pensions Prejudice But No. That 15% In The Viewfinder The No-Contributions

Pensions Prejudice But No. That 15% In The Viewfinder The No-Contributions

One day, and is already a day of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, the man of the spending review is in Parliament and explains We could touch pensions, but a 85% percent plenty of pensions will not be touched. So, and the logical deduction is flawless, about 15% of pensions could be touched.

Journalists, which you have to explain simple otherwise make a great effort not to explain themselves but to understand it, they suffered the accounts. accurate accounts, but simple konsultan pajak jakarta. Count that 85% percent of pensions as not to touch means not touch the amount of pensions more or less up to 2,000 2,500 euro gross per month. There, in that amount, to that quantity, there is the border, the border, amount precisely, between 85% and 15%. So, and the deduction makes a lot of logical folds but no one notices, the title and the article are Cuts on pensions 2,500 gross per month, even two thousand net.

So titrate the newspapers, not all though. Anyone in doubt refrains from big and strong owner it should appear here and there discreetly implausible cut pensions of less than two thousand net per month Someone abstains in doubt the information that goes by is this they want to cut the allowance to pensioners to even two thousand per month. the political debate also takes this fact 15% of the pensions touch means to touch up to that amount, two thousand net or so.

A few days later Matteo Renzi goes on Porta a Porta by Bruno Vespa and send ‘pensions do not want them to touch, nor those from the two thousand or three thousand euro , they are gross or net. The information system records and, with some slight jolt logic, moves on. Renzi has disavowed Cottarelli Cottarelli gave the numbers as he spoke to Lot Renzi has told a lie and take a swing Renzi has done a necessary step backwards Jump to know, see you next title …

The reality is that both Cottarelli that Renzi told the truth. It ‘true that in the crosshairs of the spending review there are a 1015 percent of the pensions and it is also true that the government has no intention to touch those two thousand, three thousand and four thousand, and also any other figure monthly allowance ( at least no more than is the case today with the so-called solidarity contribution collected a pension from 90,000 euro gross up with increasing rates of 6-18 per cent).

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