Tips For A Trip To Boston, A European City To Be Discovered

Tips For A Trip To Boston, A European City To Be Discovered

Boston is today one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the United States of America. It is not only understood by its innumerable green areas or by the many young people that live there both day and night; from the quietest streets, the most experienced, the most real and full of history, but also and above all from the tranquility and carefreeness of the people who live there, especially when compared to other large American cities.

We landed at Logan Airport, which is just a few miles away – about 15 minutes by car – from downtown Boston travelhoundsusa, with a convenient direct TAP Portugal flight from Lisbon after a pleasant 8 hour stopover that allowed us to visit a little the beautiful Portuguese capital.

Our adventure in this magnificent city starts with the Lenox Hotel, a real Boston institution in the Back Bay neighborhood. A mix of tradition and luxury, a real monument and icon of the city. Located just steps from the strategic Copley Square, and with its Penthouse Suites overlooking the skyline, it is also the best location to admire the Boston Marathon.

Walking through Boston

From the Hotel Lenox we start to discover the refined Boston.

One of the peculiarities of this city is the ease of being able to walk on it, although we recommend a nice ride in the subway, which may seem trivial but it is not for the atmosphere that you breathe, but also and above all for its elegance. A totally unexpected scenario.

Among other things, the Boston Subway is the first metropolitan system of the United States inaugurated in 1897, three years before that of New York.

An inevitable stop of our walk are the Public Gardens, better known as Common Park and the Public Garden.

An authentic green heart of the city where you can feel among passer-bys carefree from the European European taste; people walking with their four-legged friends, with skates, with the longboard, with the bike or in flaming jogging suits that appear here and there. The ideal place to have a picnic in spring or read a novel. The city center for outdoor sports and relaxation.

Between the Public Garden and the Fredrik Law Olmsted’s Parks stands Beacon Avenue, the typical street where you would stop every meter to photograph the typical 19th century houses and backbone of the posh Back Bay neighborhood.

We continue on Newbury Street, the most famous shopping street in Boston shops, art galleries, chic restaurants and elegant ladies coming out full of elegant boutiques.

Another must-see place in Boston is definitely the Faneuil Hall Marketplace – 4 places in one location – built around an enchanted and animated walk, full of street performers and live music with the trees around that seem to come alive. In 1972 the nation’s fathers proclaimed it The Cradle of Liberty.

The beating heart of Boston’s history and shopping is just a few steps from the seafront, super recommended for a nice walk and to enjoy restaurants and shops by the big brands, accompanied by a sea breeze that reminds us that Boston was born and developed within walking distance from the sea.

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