What is Content Marketing?

“Content marketing” or “content marketing” is an extremely popular term these days. However, content marketing exists since the internet exists. In its overall concept, content marketing means producing highly relevant content for your target audience as a way to help you clarify your doubts, attract potential customers or simply make yourself an authority on a particular topic. Of course, the better content you produce, the greater your audience’s awareness that you are an authority on what you say.

No wonder big names like Neil Patel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, among others, have become authorities in their niche markets. Whether through written content, video content, or any other type of content, it was through a content marketing strategy that they quickly positioned themselves as true authorities.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the mainstay of inbound marketing and consists essentially of producing relevant content or of extremely positive impact on your target audience, whether educational content, professionals, tutorials or simply entertainment content. Whether it is a Gary Vaynerchuck producing content to attract new customers to your digital marketing agency, or a Buchmann Kéfera producing entertainment videos that generate views and thereby sponsors and money in ads, content marketing begins and ends right now in which you produce any kind of content.

One of the major confusions around the topic of content marketing is the content to produce. There are professionals or companies who think that content marketing means writing about what their companies do, the benefits of their products, how fantastic they are, and so on. In fact, content marketing is the opposite of that. It is writing about your client’s pains, their difficulties, delivering incredible content on a particular topic. All this without asking strictly nothing in return.

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