Entrepreneurship Is Not Always Honey Over Flakes

Stop sleeping or not having enough free time are some of the complications that entrepreneurs have daily.

The other day I fell asleep and arrived in pain in time for a virtual meeting that lasted more than an hour. Without breakfast. Without having reviewed all the materials I wanted to review before the meeting. I have to confess that I was not a hundred. It happens to me sometimes. Less and less because every time I organize myself better.

I have not slept well since December 2016. I lie. I have not slept well since I quit my stable job in 2015. I admit that sometimes I do not sleep because my brain does not stop inventing innovative ideas for my business plan. I do not sleep because the trick of “leaving all the earrings on paper before going to sleep” does not work. The earrings and ideas do not stop flowing.

What am I supposed to do? Keep writing the list or making diagrams until the next day arrives? Does anyone else dream of how to solve an entrepreneurial problem or dilemma?

I am sure that I am not the only one who has woken up with an epiphany about how to solve a price problem, turn over an obstacle or visualizing the new colors for the packaging of a new product. I do not sleep because my brain does not rest.

When people find out that-technically-I am my own boss, they always congratulate me. “That’s better, more relaxed,” they tell me, and I cheat myself by assuring that I own my time.

The reality is that I live exhausted. Exhausted from thinking, from calculating, from telling myself the pitch or the new work plan until it sounds convincing. What happens is that you do not notice because I’m never going to get tired of telling people that I’m doing something I want to do, that I have my own project. And that emotion is contagious.

But do not be fooled, the entrepreneurs live tired . Because being the owner of my time also makes me responsible for each and every minute of my day. What I read, what I eat, what I hear, how much time I dedicate to analyze -or not- a topic. In what I invest my free time. Why sleep when I could take a more economics class? Why have dinner if I can go to another networking event to eat potatoes and drink beer?

I have been involved in four online courses on business development and organizational design because I am convinced that they can help me understand and put a better order in my business plan. I am also convinced that this gives me a competitive advantage to find new angles that benefit my clients. But while I study, I have to keep up to date with what is happening in the world, I have to do accounts on how and when to collect my working hours taking into account what happens in the world markets, hoping that my suppliers do not charge me because some Client did not pay on time.

And when it’s time to sleep or rest (reading even more, watching TV, going out with friends) my brain continues to process information, making connections. Because if I want something to take off in 2017, I need to lay down the foundations of each of the projects or at least have clear objectives for the medium and long-term plan. And who can rest when their future depends entirely on the route drawn during the day? How do they want me to sleep and “dream about the little angels“? The other day I dreamed that I went out to ask for a job(that was a nightmare).

But you wanted to be an entrepreneur! I murmured when I woke up. Please someone tell me that I am not alone in this optical illusion that is to undertake where we all live exhausted because our brain never stops working. You have had entrepreneurial epiphanies in your dreams? How do you disconnect your brain before you sleep? Please someone help me and also I’d got this information from omdimas.com

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